This is a book of verses that will inspire you, comfort you, amuse you and entertain you. It will celebrate special occasions and acknowledge difficult situations. My weird sense of humor will let you laugh and nod your head in agreement. I always want to honor my God in all I do and this is no exception. I can only write as HE gives direction and help. I hope these poems will bless you richly.

“With Renie’s poems, I have never ceased to be amazed not only by their beauty, but so practical and down to earth. I have known Renie since she was a young girl and can attest to her ‘realness’ and sincerity. Her writings come from her heart.”

—Dorothy (Dort) Beaird, long-time friend of the author


“To read these heartfelt words, one meets, at once, the child, the mother, the grandmother, the widow, the wise counselor, and concerned friend who is Renie Smith, throughout this entire volume. What a joy to read and experience such a wealth of feeling and faith in poems so profoundly intimate and personal, and encompassing such a wide range of emotion!”

—Laura L. Collins, Scheduling Associate and musician,
The Travelers Musical Outreach, Rapid City, South Dakota