I wrote this book because I identify with Josie in so many ways and wanted to show that in spite of betrayal and broken trust, relationships and families can be healed and restored. Reconciliation is possible even though it may not be easy to accomplish. Lies can be forgiven and love can bloom within the forgiveness of our Heavenly Father. I hope this story will help others struggling with these issues and many more.

I love Josie and hope readers will as well.

Josie’s Handyman is a captivating, thought-provoking book alive with complex characters, sparkling dialogue, and a deep sense of place in the Black Hills. Renie Smith deftly blends a charming and unique love story with a rich, and at times painful, personal journey to Christianity that reveals the power of truth and the tremendous hurt of living with lies. Josie’s Handyman is not to be missed!”

—Gabrielle Raley, Associate Professor of Sociology, Knox College